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"There is nothing better than giving advice based upon true experiences. I haven't come from the perspective of the cooperate world but the hard, difficult road of the artist.  I have lived and breathed being a working recording artist for over 15 years and have seen it all! My career has been a turbulent one of ups and downs ranging from sleepless nights in squats, being broke, getting signed, then dropped, to then getting signed again, to playing to empty rooms to eventually life changing sold out tours and more"


After selling over a million records worldwide, experiencing the highs and lows of running my own label, maintaining a consistent stream of income to date, riding the ever changing winds of the music industry model, navigating through as a brand, directing my own music videos, art directed my own visual campaigns, monopolising territories that statistically work in my favour and learning and experiencing many other aspects of the industry that have made me who I am today, it is safe to say that my expertise in this industry is incredibly rooted.

My experience travels beyond just being an artist to education and working with up and coming artists. In 2014 - 2016 I lectured at Goldsmiths University on the respected Popular music course. It was incredibly fulfilling teaching students who were some of the most incredible emerging artist I have ever met!

I have consulted for record labels and management companies and have a very artist driven perspective on the industry. I am here to help the artist.

I am passionate about helping, guiding and giving information that will make a difference. I truly believe that some of the information I give is far more precious to artists than your standard consultant because it is my life and I have known nothing else.

Whatever advice you need whether it is a chat about direction we can lead you down the right path and introduce you to the right people who can meet your needs.

If your interested in talking get in touch with me today at


How I Can

Help You

A 30 minute chat about general advice in the music industry.
One On One Coaching
1 hr